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Brake and clutch Lining Friction material, Bonded Brake Liner (in roll form) and friction articles there of (sheets, rolls, strips, cones, cups, segment, disc, pad and blocks) for industrial,power,marine and automotive earth movers application

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ISO 9001:2015

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CFB/WA BACo-Eff  CFB WA-B.A is a flexible, solid ,woven based friction material made from yarn. Spun around brass wire contributing to its strength. CFBWA-B.A  has a medium / high co-efficient of friction  combined with moderate temperature and wear resistance. CFBWA-B.A is available in roll form .Segment cones & special shapes can easily cut from it . CFBWA-B.A is designed mainly for under dry conditions and can also be supplied with both surface ground.

Industrial band and drum brake linings, plate and cone clutch linings [ for cranes, hoist, lifts, oil well draw works, sugar mills etc ]

Technical Data  
Friction .  
µ for design purpose 0.36(Dry)
Physical Properties  
Data based on standard test method  
Ultimate Tensile Strength 240 Kgcm2
Ultimate Comprehensive strength 600 Kgcm2
Rivet Holding Capacity 850 Kgcm2
Recommended operating Range.  
Max temperature 2500 C
Max Continuous Temperature 1250 C

The continuous temperature quoted is for constant slip conditions.For intermittent application ,high temperature of  1500 C are acceptable for long  periods.

High speed steel tools are satisfactory for use with this material.

Recommended Mating Surface.

  • Good quality fine grained cast iron.
  • Cast Steel is not suitable mating surface but forged or cold rolled with a brinell hardness of 200 or over may be used.

Size Range (Nominal)
Supplied in rolls of approx 15meters(50 ft )and thickness from 47.8mm(3/16") to 19.00 mm(3/4") & width from 25.4mm(1") to 300mm(12")